Interview - Carmen Gil

Interview - Carmen Gil

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Carmen Gil-Bonachera Martínez was born on the Cadiz coast, and although she now lives in a town in Huelva, she always finds some time to spend with the sea. She has been teaching and writing for children for many years. For them and with them, he has done a little bit of everything: theater, puppets, storytelling, world dance workshops ... and even some magic! But what he likes the most is playing with words. Her passion for poetry made her create Cosicosas, a digital magazine of Children's Poetry for all children in Spanish-speaking countries.- What prompted you to launch Cosicosas?The scarce presence of children's poetry on the Internet and the inferiority of conditions in which this genre finds itself with respect to narrative within the Spanish publishing scene.- It seems that, happily, poetry found a place on the Internet. How is it different Cosicosas from other pages?Mainly in that it offers poems by the best authors of children's poetry in the Spanish language and that, in addition, it does so with the consent and support of said authors. There are poems by writers from various countries such as Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, and Venezuela.- In your opinion, what does poetry bring to children?Poetry contributes to an artistic education, develops aesthetic sensibility, enriches vocabulary and expression, provides a new way of looking at the world, encourages children's fantasy and imagination.- How to start a child in the poetic world? What would you say to the parents and teachers who are in this work?In a spontaneous and simple way: reading them poems at bedtime or when they get home from school, putting poetry books at their fingertips, listening with them to songs like those of María Elena Walsh, which are music poems ... There are also lots of fun activities to play with poems at school or in a workshop, like the ones I collect in my book Let's play with poems !, published by CCS.- Writing for children is not an easy task. What tools do you use to seduce young readers?The truth is that I am not aware of using any tool. Well yes, maybe one: enjoy as much as possible. If I am having fun writing a book, chances are that children will also have fun reading it.- What advice would you give to parents and / or children who are attracted to writing?I think that to be a good writer, you first have to be a good reader. At least that's how it was in my case. I came to writing because of the passion that books aroused in me. I have also always loved children. For this reason, in children's literature I combined my two vocations.- You are a versatile writer. Stories, lots of books, theater, puppets, poetry, teaching, reading animation, magic workshops ... Is there still something to do?I just started! It was barely three years since they published my first book, so imagine if I have things to do. The first one: to publish a youth novel commissioned by a publishing house a few months ago. I just finished it. Let's see how ...- At what point did poetry burst into his life. Do you have any poetry that has marked your love for poetry?I remember a poem with special affection: “Sonatina”, by Rubén Darío, and later, at the institute, a collection of poems by Lorenzo Saval entitled The calendar maker, published by Litoral. Cosicosas know the publications of Carmen Gil signed copies at the Madrid Book Fair:

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