My baby's name is Obama

My baby's name is Obama

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Barack Obama will make history, and I believe that not only in the presidency of the United States, but also among the names most chosen by parents for their newborn babies in that country. Meanwhile, in Spain, Lucía, María and Alejandro continue to be the names most chosen by Spanish parents.

A Florida couple was the first to name their baby Obama. They have given him Obama, a name of African origin, which means slightly bent, instead of Barack that, like Obama, is also originally from Africa, but that, in my opinion, has a clearer meaning, that of Blessed, Blessed.

The name Obama was the brainchild of the newborn's father, with the mother's approval. Sanjae Obama Fisher was born the same day that Barack Hussein Obama Junior won the election, in a hospital in the city of Hollywood, north of Miami. the name Obama may become quite a phenomenon among American baby names. I particularly prefer Barack's, unless the baby was born with the arm or leg bent, or possibly breech. It would be better justified, don't you think?Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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