Diluted bleach treats and relieves childhood eczema

Diluted bleach treats and relieves childhood eczema

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My daughter had atopic dermatitis until she was almost three years old. We did it, and it's over.

Stopping my daughter bathing with soap greatly relieved her skin eczema. Little by little the irritations were diminishing, until he said a final goodbye. Although doctors prescribe a lot of hydration in the eczema area, there are complementary, more homemade formulas that can alleviate and even treat skin inflammation. If left untreated, children's scratching can make the situation worse by causing wounds and skin infections that are difficult to treat. Atopic dermatitis affects 17% of school-age children.

A study with children, carried out by researchers at Northwestern University in the USA, has just revealed that household bleach without additives, used for bleaching and disinfecting, can, in very small doses, and well diluted in water, relieve and treat childhood eczema . Bleach kills bacteria without the same risk of bacterial resistance. The lead author of the study, dermatologist Amy Paller, told the journal Pediatrics that it is important that bleach be properly and properly diluted, in a concentration less than 0.005%, the same as about 112 milliliters of bleach for a large bathtub full of water. The minors who participated in the research took baths with a little diluted bleach and noticeable improvements in their symptoms were recorded. The eczema on the body, arms and legs improved, while the face, which did not go into the water, did not experience any improvement. Paller also said that the children saw the severity of their eczema reduced by five times compared to those who were treated with placebos over a period of three months. Apart from the benefits of the results of this research for the health of children, it also represents an economic saving for families. It is a cheap, simple and safe treatment that reduces eczema flare-ups. If you have a baby with atopic dermatitis, this can be an alternative to treat and cure it. However, I feel I have to tell you that before trying it, it would be wise and appropriate for you to listen to the opinion of your child's pediatrician. As we always say, each child is unique.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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