Video game teaches road safety rules for children

Video game teaches road safety rules for children

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Children between 10 and 12 years old cannot get their driver's license but they will already be able to learn to respect traffic signs, change a wheel or put oil in a car engine, during road safety classes in a video game.

A video game has just been released to teach children about road safety rules. Children will be able to learn to drive and answer the questions in the books that are usually used in driving schools. The game educates and at the same time measures children's knowledge about road safety, through a practical test. According to the driving school instructors, it is a simple game and very easy to understand. Children will also be able to learn how to use the point system, and to review the traffic rules. I believe that knowledge in some way protects us from many situations and problems. If children play to know the traffic rules, that does not only benefit them but also their parents and the whole family. Children will stop being a mere passive companion in the car to be a more critical passenger than their parents and other drivers at the wheel do. Now we just need to know if the parents will like the idea. Everything is very relative.

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Video: THINK! Child Road Safety: Tales of the Road campaign (July 2022).


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