A priest does not give communion to a girl with Down syndrome

A priest does not give communion to a girl with Down syndrome

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The news, stamped in many newspapers this week, puzzled me with what it has. A priest has refused to give communion to a girl with Down syndrome, claiming that the girl does not realize anything, according to the girl's mother.

The parish priest of Teià (town north of Barcelona), Josep Lluís Moles, informed the mother that the girl, because she suffered from profound Down syndrome, could not do catechesis because "she is an angel of God whose sins at the baptism and has not sinned again, and therefore does not need to make communion. " He said that it was not about discrimination and offered the family the possibility of the little girl to make communion with her twin brother, who has followed three catechetical courses.

As a mother and a believer that I am, I put myself in the place of the girl's mother, and of course, no matter how much this priest may argue not to give his daughter communion, I would never be convinced. I remember that last year another priest refused to give a gluten-free host to a celiac child, which was provided by the child's family.

I wonder what science has to do with faith. Is this girl baptized? Yes. Do you want to have communion? Down syndrome, Asperger's syndrome, Autism, Hyperactivity, deafness, ... What difference does it make? They are children and they wish to fulfill this religious sacrament to which they are entitled.

That seems to me as discriminatory as the case of the three deaf young people who were prevented from flying by the Iberia airline because they were not accompanied by an interpreter. Iberia was ordered to pay them a symbolic fine of 3 euros. And the case of the girl with Down syndrome, where will it be?

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