The photo of parents with their sextuplets changes their lives

The photo of parents with their sextuplets changes their lives

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My passion and interest in photography was born at the University. So much so that it does not surprise me that the image of a married couple with their sextuplets babies, which is on many sites on the Internet, is awakening so many emotions and shock. A poetry !!

The success of the photo is not only an example that an image says more than a thousand words, but also that social networks represent a great communication power that can change and transform lives and realities. The McGhees posted the image on their Facebook wall and the photo caused such a stir that within days of its publication, the financial difficulties where the sextuplets' family was submerged were overcome. They could not imagine that through photography they would get so much help and above all, a donation from the famous American presenter, Oprah Winfrey, equivalent to about 182 thousand euros, to feed their six children.

Maintaining a large family is already difficult and even more so when instead of 3 there are 6 babies that you have to care for and educate, and on top of that you only have a single salary and the help of family and friends. The expenses for food, hygiene, clothing, etc., are multiplied by six. Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Junior, Josiah, Elijah and Isaac are the names of these little creatures, born last June, and that are part of this tender family snapshot. His parents, Rozonno and Mia McGhee, a married couple from Ohio, are from a humble family and have to face the expenses of this multiple birth. Behind this beautiful photograph, resides a couple that since 2000, when they married, I had the illusion of being a family. As the children did not arrive, the couple underwent fertility treatment. Although she managed to get pregnant with twins, the babies ended up dying shortly before they were born, but the couple tried again for a new pregnancy. On this second occasion, she had these six beautiful babies. It was then that they decided to post a photo of the family on Facebook. From one day to the next, the image caused a sensation on the Internet, which has represented a radical turn in their lives. The publication of the photo on the Internet has caused an avalanche of messages, comments, as well as help for the family. Donations have been so many that they have even allowed the couple to buy a house. Who was going to tell him, right?Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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