Totally normal: Pregnancy edition

Totally normal: Pregnancy edition

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Totally normal: Pregnancy edition

You're pregnant!

Everything is about to change …

If you have insomnia and crazy dreams

Totally normal

If you have itchy boobs

Stretch marks

And lightning crotch

Totally normal

If you worry that everything you eat is going to poison your baby

Totally normal

If you feel like an alien and a whale at the very same time

Totally normal

If you are feeling, er, backed up

Totally normal

You'll want to increase your fiber intake (trust us on this one!)

If you are a hot mess, simultaneously laughing and crying

Totally normal

If you find yourself peeing and sneezing (peezing) at the same time

Totally normal

If you still look pregnant even after you've given birth

Totally normal

If you become a superhero in your partner's eyes

Totally normal

Never underestimate the power of a woman!

You've got this!

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Watch the video: Learn more about the Fetal Echo scan that helps detect Congenital Heart Defects in a fetus (July 2022).


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