Pregnancy dreams

Pregnancy dreams

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Surprised at how vivid your dreams are during pregnancy? You're not alone.

Dreams are like funhouse mirrors that reflect your emotional state.

Considering that pregnancy can feel like an emotional roller coaster, it's no surprise you're having weird dreams.

Psychologist and author Patricia Garfield offers interpretations for common pregnancy dreams.

Let's explore some typical first-trimester dreams.

Dream: You give birth to a full-grown child.

Meaning: You're experiencing anxiety about birth and motherhood.

Dream: You're surrounded by water.

Meaning: You're aware of your growing amniotic fluid.

Now let's look at some second-trimester dreams.

Dream: You're with friendly animals.

Meaning: You're exploring your mother-child connection and instincts.

Dream: You're reunited with past loves.

Meaning: You could be feeling insecure about your appearance.

In your third trimester, dreams often feature your baby in a starring role. Common dreams include:

  • finding out your baby's gender
  • seeing what your baby looks like
  • choosing your baby's name

Do these dreams predict reality? Researchers found that the genders "revealed" in dreams were accurate 50 percent of the time (no more accurate than chance).

No matter how vivid your dreams are, try to enjoy them and get as much sleep as you possibly can!

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