Maternity shopping strategies (Mom confidential)

Maternity shopping strategies (Mom confidential)

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Sarah Bernard: Do you want to hide you bump or do you want to show it off? And how much is reasonable to spend on this temporary wardrobe?

Since 88 percent of our site moms say they're having trouble finding maternity clothes they even like, we decided to ask the experts for some advice.

Woman 1: In the beginning stages of pregnancy, I wore looser tops. I wore my regular pants with a belly band. Then as my belly grew, and I was very clearly pregnant, my clothes got a lot tighter.

Woman 2: All my friends were like, "Don't even do it. Just wait till you absolutely need to." So it just got uncomfortable, and then I just either looked fat or people were like, "Are you pregnant?" And I'm like, "Yeah, I am, but I don't look it." So it was like the maternity clothes helped me look more pregnant.

Woman 3: See, I was really excited about being pregnant, so I wanted to wear tight pregnancy clothes, so I could show off the bump really quickly.

Woman 4: Stretchy pants. Yoga pants.

Woman 5: I probably started wearing maternity clothes at 20 weeks, and I worked for a denim company, so we had to wear their jeans, and they didn't make maternity pants. So I was like squeezing in with like the little Bellaband and the hair-tie trick.

Woman 2: So you take a scrunchie and you make like a figure eight. And you put it on the button part. And then you put it through the hole and then bring it back around and close it.

Woman 5: And I like splurged on one pair that I really loved and I felt really good in, and that was what I wore pretty much every day, so I got my money's worth.

Woman 2: It's hard once you start, because they're all so cute, and there's so many sales. So I'm like, "Well, I'll just buy more, and of course I'm going to have more kids."

Woman 1: I spent at least $1,000 but probably a little more. Because she was born in November, I bought a coat, a pregnancy/baby-wearing coat, that has a panel that I can zip in and out.

Woman 3: I think the key is to find things that you feel really good in, so it could even be non-pregnancy stuff.

Woman 6: A good pair of comfortable shoes, especially when, if you get swollen the last trimester, like you need a good pair of comfortable shoes. Otherwise, you feel awful.

Woman 3: And I had a black tank top that was a maternity tank top that I wore all the time, even in the winter. I loved the – just a black top and jeans, I thought that went really well.

Woman 1: I did have to buy some nicer clothes for this time around for my – I had my high school reunion at 7 months pregnant. I thought I looked so cute until I saw the pictures and untagged myself all over Facebook.

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