How I handle my child's fears

How I handle my child's fears

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Is your child afraid of monsters under the bed or things that go bump in the night? Parents talk about how they calm their children’s fears.

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On Halloween, she was really scared with the people that was wearing mask. So, we had to ask pretty much everybody, “Can you remove your mask, so she can see there’s a real person behind it? And it’s a nice person.”

My son fears snakes. And he actually thinks worms are snakes. So, and he fears that as well. I personally just try to make him—not with snakes, but the worms, just tell him that these are okay. But if you see real snakes, obviously, you don’t want to mess with those.

Summer time it could be bees and wasps. She’s scared of bees and wasps. Then in the winter time, she’s scared of bears because you hear about bears on TV. What we kind of say is, “How many people have you heard get hurt by a bear? A mountain lion or a monster? Do you really believe in monsters?” Especially at seven and a half, you can kind of use her logic and reasoning and try to get over some of those fears.

My daughter’s biggest fear, I think, is having her mom out of her sight. If I walk away, she’s like, “Mommy, where are you going? What are you doing? Why are you going there?” So, tell her, “I’m coming back. I’ll be back in this timeframe.” Or if someone else is picking her up from daycare, “This person is picking you up, but I’ll see you later.” Just make everything really clear.

My daughter fears basically the dark at night. So, I will have to keep on a nightlight. A plug in nightlight or maybe a bathroom light or something.

My son does have lots of fears. He is a special needs child. And so, he has many sensory disorders. Loud noises tend to throw him off. If we go to the museum, the lights and all of the movement really, really, really—they terrify him. So, I hug him and hold him tight. And oftentimes I’ll have to remove him from the situation.

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