How I potty trained my child

How I potty trained my child

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I just kind of started talking to her at a very young age about pottying and trying to set her on the potty. And just I wanted her to start thinking about it right away. From the get go. And so, she potty trained pretty early before she was two.

My three-year-old is not potty trained yet. She’s smart, so she tells me, “If I leave the diapers, you’ll take me to school. So, I don’t want to go to school yet, I’m going to use diapers.”

Henry would have lived in diapers until he went to college if it wasn’t for potty training boot camp. It—the first 48 hours almost killed both of us. It’s called dump your diapers. So one morning, you get up. He throws the diapers in the trash and you never look back. And so, you put him in underwear and you buy lots and lots of pairs and there’s lots of crying. He begged for diapers for hours. So—but by the end—and you reward them with toys that they end up picking out the day before. And by the end of three days, he was completely, 100% potty trained.

I potty trained my daughter when she was two. I think she got it by two and a half. And we used an incentive program with stickers.

The method I used to potty train my daughter was just to wait until she was ready. And go off her cues and then talking to her and making sure that we were clear what our goals were.

We potty trained my four-year-old when he was about, I’d say, about three. And it was a little bit—took some time. But we started him out in Pull-Ups. And the Pull-Ups worked well. And we praised him on the fact that if he could start using the potty more we’d give him big boy underwear. And it would have Lightning McQueen and Sponge Bob and things of that nature. And he really got excited. And it worked very well.

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